The place is actually quite easy to miss because the name “Byblos” is displayed in fine print at the front lols. I really love the decor, and have to say that the whole experience has been wonderful, minus some of the food.

11 Duncan Street
Toronto, ON M5V 3M2
Entertainment District, Downtown Core


Exceptional. This is like a 4.2/5 experience for service. Our server really knew the menu inside out and was genuine. That is key for me in service, don’t try to frigg’n upsell me, I’ll order what I want. He kept coming back to refill our water, fix our napkins, and change our plates between each dish. That’s amazing. When I told him that one of the dishes was too dry, he offered to switch it for another one. We were too full at that point and politely declined. All the other servers seemed to be very professional as well. This is honestly an ‘A’-ranking service. I was blown away, really (what does 5/5 service look like right? lol).


Turkish Manti Dumplings
They are tiny. I thought they were going to be average-sized like what we eat in Chinese restaurants, boy was I fooled. The flavour comes off very strong, so don’t dip the whole thing in sauce. Don’t try to drink it either lol. Even though they are very tiny in size, they can fill you up pretty quickly. Average in my books, though this is raved upon by many reviewers on Yelp.

Black Truffle (Wood Fired Pide)
Godly. I’ve been playing a lot of Mobile Legends lately, and whenever you kill off a bunch of enemies, they give you descriptors that really make you feel like a King. This thing is legendary! You have to eat it once it comes out, because the cheese and bread combination will melt in your mouth quite literally. Perfect combination, super soft, and you get to taste all the flavours. I gave this 9/10. I would come back for this dish. The cheese is not overwhelming in anyway.

Black Cod
At first glance, I thought the leafs were not edible but my boyfriend ate it anyways. I have a feeling Byblos likes infusing a pinch of sourness in every bite, but that’s cool with me as long as it’s subtle. This was quite interesting, and I’d recommend it. I do have to say if the leafs weren’t there and you ate the cod alone, it was like a 9/10 once again. That cod was so soft and tender, I almost wonder if they had cooked it while it was already wrapped under the leaf to obtain that texture and flavour. Anyhow, with the leafs wrapped and all the sauces on top, it was like 8.4/10.

Organic House Labneh
I thought it was alright, I like how the bread pieces were a little crispy and laid out like rolls of circles. My boyfriend loved it. The sauce is a great compliment, but in my opinion, not worth $10+.

Crispy Confit Duck (Rice)
Where did this go wrong? Oh right, everything. Too dry, more of a jasmine/basil taste, not entirely appetizing. While the portions were quite decent, this was a no-no for me. Just steer away from this dish, it has ‘bleh’ all over it. My suggestion, add some type of cream or take it out of the menu. As my boyfriend would rate it, 6/10.

My Rating: 8.2/10
Others Would Rate It As: 8.5/10


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