In the summer, no one wants to stay inside. Maybe that’s an excuse, because I haven’t been updating this blog yet again. The other reason is that I’m too busy taking care of my boyfriend’s neices so I’m never home to do real ‘work’ stuff. Having gone to Game of Cheese on 2 occassions, I can happily say that my review will be unbiased and awesome. The first time I went, it was through Yelp. The second time, I brought my parents and boyfriend; I really wanted to experience how ‘real’ customers would be treated. So here we go…

505 Highway 7
Unit 50
Markham, ON L3T 7T1


Commerce Gate is great for parking if you come early. Otherwise, I suggest that you park underground. If you come at night on a weekend, start praying because there are no spots left by the time you arrive. You can’t really miss this big plaza as it is on Highway 7 (the restaurant is right beside Kinton Ramen).

I’m not sure if the place is run by only family members, but the servers genuinely care if you like their food. They will give a warm welcome followed by detailed descriptions of the dishes that are offered in the restaurant. Quite attentive but honestly lacking in staff, could do with more individuals working in the kitchen.

This is not your typical cheesy restaurant, I think it’s definitely catered to the Asian family. Please stay away from their slushies or whatever, they taste horrible and takes 30 minutes to make. Just a big no from me. I really enjoy their lunch specials because all meals come with an in-house drink, for us it was a lemonade. I recommend getting their pizzas, you won’t find salmon and avocado at your normal Pizza Pizza joint in GTA so try it here. Their pasta isn’t bad, mediocre at best. Other stuff are average and forgettable, but nothing too horrible that would make me frown. The menu is big so variety is a plus here. Personally, I wouldn’t come back for dinner based on the prices, but dining here for lunch sounds like a decent option.

Rating: 7.4/10
What it deserves: 7.1/10


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