I think I’ve said this before but I never found service to be the determining factor of a restaurant’s quality. Although my opinion has slightly changed, at the end of the day it’s the food that brings me back. Today, I will talk about a restaurant who has mediocre chefs, nice waitresses, but a poor service system. And when I mean poor, I mean to say crappy.

For these poor souls, they might or MIGHT NOT have known that this weekend (last weekend in May) would be so busy. It’s “Anime North”, the weekend when all anime-lovers gather nation-wide to attend this 3-day event. Business is guaranteed at like 300%, and I bet you most restaurants meet their 3 month quota in these 3 days. That’s how busy it gets.

634 Dixon Road
Toronto, ON M9W 1J1

Horrible. We reserved a table for 6, but my cousin also brought her kid along. Staff didn’t even see the kid and sat us at the table. Instead of suggesting that one of us could be seated at the end of the table, she started accusing us for not giving an accurate number and noted that it was too busy for her to accommodate us. I understand that the person booking (and it wasn’t me) should have been clear to say “it’s actually a party of 6.5”, but there was no need to be so rude. Worst case scenario, our group would have been more than happy to be separated into 2 tables. The fact that she gave us attitude was quite a turn-off. At the end, she gave a sigh of relief and said fine, give you one more table. Now, what we didn’t know was that they also decided to add a service charge. Usually, servers will notify you about this service charge BEFORE you dine…not when the bill comes through lol.

Anyhow, after 10 minutes of waiting, we were frustrated from the wait. I raised my hand and asked for service. Our waitress said she’s too busy, told us to wait an extra minute. 3 minutes pass, she comes back to say, I’m still busy, you have to wait longer. Maybe another 5-10 minutes come by, and she finally gets our order. The food comes gradually, one by one in 5-10 minute intervals. In other words, we were not all eating once and it took almost 20 minutes before our last party member was fed LOL.


Great portions, couldn’t even finish my whole bento box. Quality was average, sushi was pretty ‘meh’, they weren’t packed nicely and seemed a little soft to my liking. Salad was good. Miso soup was awful, seemed like they diluted it with lots of water. Overall, I think the food was okay, probably like a 71% in rating.

My Rating: 6.5/10
What It Really Deserves: 6.0/10

I probably would have given it lower but my friend says I’m always too critical. Just to let you know, service was like a 3.0/10 LOL.


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