Sometimes I am ashamed of myself especially when I have a food blog and call myself a foodie. I’ve tried so many Japanese places but never have I onced stepped foot into an omakase restaurant. What was I thinking?

Omakase is a Japanese phrase for “I’ll leave it up to you”, in other words the Chef will make the choice of preparing a selection of dishes for his/her patrions (as opposed to a la cart menus). You don’t really know what you will be eating, but it’s safe to say that the quality is top-notch. Having said that, the prices are also quite steep.


Price: $80/person (18 dishes, including dessert and tea/water)

Nothing extravagant, but I could tell the ladies were very well-mannered and my tea was also refilled lol. Honestly, I just don’t want to be thirsty. I think the chefs and the waitresses could have done a better job describing each piece of sushi, but they were okay so we are moving on. My only complaint, and apparently this happens often, is that the waitresses needed to REALLY reach past my seat to refill the tea. It’s like whoever designed this restaurant thought all the waitresses would be 6 feet tall with arms like Luffy (reference to an anime character who has super long arms, from One Piece).

Amazing. *Bows head* Damn good. We were very blessed to have been served by the main chef. Goodness, my first bite was already filled with the taste of heaven (whatever that tastes like). I was honestly quite full by the end of the meal, and holy cow, that black sesame ice cream is the best in town. I tried very hard to get our waitress to spill their store secret, “WHO IS YOUR SUPPLIER? I WANT THIS BLACK SESAME ICE CREAM”. She simply returned with a slight smile, and apologized. Why are they so polite even when they are refusing lols.

– Eat with your hands (if it’s nigiri aka fish on rice), and don’t let the sushi sit there for too long
– Most of the time you don’t need to dip with soy sauce, and if you do don’t soak it
– Nigiri should be eaten in one bite, with the fish-side down (which I did not do btw)
– Cleanse your palete by taking a small bite of ginger in between each serving
– Book ahead of time and prepare to sit/eat for 2 hours
– Get a seat at the bar, not at some faraway table because you won’t get the full experience

Rating: 9.2/10
It Deserves: 9.2/10

Trust me, it’s rare for me to give such a high score. I believe there are better omakase restuarants out there which cost more, and for $80/person I think it was a valuable experience. Will probably go to another one by the end of this year =p


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