My beloved readers, you must be thinking why I’m on a roll today. Actually, I’ve been to many restaurants in the past few months but I’m just super lazy and only started to compile all my reviews now. The weather is looking good in Toronto, well it is starting to warm up but the sun is hiding somewhere behind the clouds lols. After my Yasu review, I definitely need some rest. Blogging actually takes a toll on you. So let’s go simple here…

5 Glen Cameron Road
Markham, ON L3T


I honestly think I am very very hard to please when it comes to desserts. The Restaurant is really small and it is more of a self-serve stop. The menus are spread out in the restaurant, but you would pick the item and order at the counter. Most of the time, they will bring the dessert directly to your table. However, if it’s a quick drink you would have to pick it up yourself lols. The drinks (which my friends ordered) are forgettable as they have noted, very bland, and the designs are almost non-existent. We ordered 3 different bingsu, all of which are meh. Lol. The portions are decent, you really need 2 people to eat one bowl. The main reason as to why their bingsu(s) suck is the fact that they use frozen fruits. For example, in the mango bingsu, the fruits were so cold and hard that we had a brain freeze after every bite. A lot of the condiments are just cheap cereal snacks and it’s nothing you can’t make at home. Anyways, for a quick dessert, this place is okay but I would not come back.


Rating: 6.7/10
Others Would Rate it as: 7.6/10


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