After writing a few posts of decent to awesome food, I thought we should spice it up a bit. That’s right, let’s discuss about restaurants that downright suck…in service.

28 S Unionville Avenue
Unit 1035
Markham, ON L3R 4P9


It was alright. Your typical Taiwanese food stop for popcorn chicken lols. Their prices were meh okay, not too pricey, not too cheap. Mediocre in quality. Popcorn chicken was average, wasabi fries were actually good, the noodles were edible, but the buns were SO BAD. The meat inside the buns were soft but the bun itself was so tough. Like dude, did you even steam it properly?

This restaurant is small, maybe 10 tables max (probably not even). My friends and I came on a Friday night, and only half the restaurant was filled. Sure, whatever. Only 2 people were working in the front and it took them forever to get our orders. I waved my hand once, she acknowledged, still waiting, waved my hand again, she told me to give her a minute. You will have to ask for water refills because they are too busy to care. The waitress was nice when she finally came around, but nope I won’t be coming back lols.

My Rating: 7/10
Others Would Rate it as:7.3/10


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