179 Enterprise Boulevard
Unit M-109
Markham, ON L6G 0A2

I received an invite to attend their media day, where attendees are mostly bloggers, instagrammers, or other media personnel. I’ve been going to more of these events and find one thing in common amongst all the participants, their cameras “eat first” lols. Anyhow, cool people, different culture. Who am I kidding? I do the same thing! Except my pictures suck haha.

This was extremely well planned, I felt like a total celebrity. I just want to stress that the restaurant probably went all out. So much food! Not to mention, all you can drink booze! Everyone was greeted with appetizers and FREE oysters at the bar. And you know how I could tell I was a newbie? They already had a table set with food so that bloggers could snap their shots. Blinding light flashes, damn. Later in the night, people were divided into groups and sat with 3-5 other individuals and had a tasting menu. I was so full. Even when we were leaving, the restaurant gave us coupons and gifts. I was in awe.

I ate too much, can’t even remember half of it lols. To be fair, this restaurant has a good amount of variety but their selling points are definitely the seafood dishes. Now, I did come back to the restaurant on a normal day when I wasn’t treated as a celebrity lol. Their service was good, super busy on a weekend, and waitresses were attentive and nice. Checkmark on service please!

Here are my recommendations if you plan to make a visit:
– Fried oyster sliders (I believe this is like a 8.5/10 in taste)
– The bagged seafood (Their house sauce is quite good)

Everything else in my opinion was mediocre. I would probably avoid the salad because it’s a little bland.

My Rating: 8/10
Others Might Rate it as: 8.2/10


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