Yay! I have ventured out of Ontario and into the beautiful city of Vancouver, located in the heart of British Columbia. I heard that this year, Vancouver was faced with horrible winter conditions so I was lucky when nothing particularly awful happened during my stay. Let’s look into the Japanese food industry in Vancouver.

2054 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC V5N 4A9
Grandview-Woodlands, The Drive


Good places require line-ups, most of which do not take reservations. For Kishimoto, I wasn’t sure if they did or not but our wait was just 10 minutes (on a weekday). As with many urban areas, parking is limited and only street parking is offered. Vancouver has a neat system where you can pay online with an app (instead of using coins) and extend the parking time as needed without running outside in the cold. I believe Toronto has something similar, but Toronto’s parking is actually quite cheap when you choose to park after 6pm or on particular weekends. The restaurant is small, so the waiting area is also super tiny. Come early!

I just want to comment on how good the service is here. They were very prompt in refilling our tea, never missed a beat, and did not need us to wave them down. Good job.

2-3 years ago when I visited Vancouver, I felt that the food was bombtastic. Everything seemed reasonable and quality was top tiered. Toronto must have advanced quite a bit since that time, while I felt that Kishimoto’s food was good, I was not particular blown away. To start, all their dishes are artisticly decorated and that to me was something unique. The pressed sushi literally melts in your mouth (which is a plus), but I felt that there was too much rice on the bottom. The soba was very interesting because it’s green-tea based, and I love how you can mix raw egg with the soya sauce. It wasn’t bad, just that it tasted like soba lols. We also ordered normal sushi to fill our tummies up and they were fine, nothing to write home about. Overall, everything was good.

My Rating: 8.2/10
Others would rate it as: 8.8/10


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