I have a mask on right now, what mask you ask? A beauty mask because a girl’s gotta stay on point, all the time. Anyhow, do you know what virtual reality is? Probably not. To put it into perspective, imagine a bulky gadget strapped on your head and boom, you are gaming in 3-D. I’m sure all of you have tried something similar in the past, but this time, games are a little more interactive and they aren’t just pixelated.

Now let’s get to it…
2210 Markham Road
Unit 3
Toronto, ON M1B 2W4

Virtual Reality is a new venture for Torontonians, so whether you go to one business or another, the difference is minimal. The first time I tried VR, it was seated and I was using the Oculus Rift system. At Mayze, they are still in the beginning phase so everything is like a trial for them. Having said that, it was still a unique experience for the 4 of us.

Not sure why all escape room places are so hidden. It’s like you have to find the damn place before you can even try to escape lols. Anyhow, I recommend everyone to google map the place first. There should be enough parking spots if you come on a weekend.

The guys here are pretty nice, super chill I might add. Since they are also learning to set up VR for us, extra time was given for some of the mistakes they made. They gave us a bit of caution before we started that this is new technology for them, so no biggie.

I’m going to give everyone a big tip here. You will get dizzy. This is in no way the fault of Mayze, because I have been to 2 different places and both times I got a little light-headed. I am warning you now, drink before and after your VR experience. It is essential that you strap that thing on your head as tight as you can. The system that Mayze uses is HTC Vive and you will be playing while standing. I really like how they placed mats on the floor (meaning you are to take off your shoes) and divided each player with curtains. Unlike other VR experiences, they have ventured into the world of multiplayer (which I believe is much more difficult to set up as a business). Overall, it is really fun and you need to be open-minded because it takes some getting used to, time-wise. The guy stayed with us 90% of the time and tried to teach us how to navigate each game. I think that’s extra service, and will give them an extra leg in this service area.

I don’t think VR is for everyone, but it might appeal to individuals who don’t even game. I really like the Dodgeball game, easy to pick up, and super fun. There was a climbing game that drove me nuts, so much swinging of the arms lols. Anyhow, give it a try and make sure to have fun =p


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