I’ve been having some eye issues lately, talk about health problems. I am pretty young to be experiencing floaters and trust me I will dedicate an entire post on those suckers. They are so annoying.

The Six Cafe and Restaurant
101-8920 Woodbine Avenue
Markham, ON L3R 9W9

Possibly the worst service ever. I’m not saying the people here are mean, but they are so not attentive. My boyfriend got a table for 4 and was never given a menu. When we waved to get service, the waitress came in with a pen and paper and we were like…mmm, there is no menu and that’s what we asked for. We looked around and noticed that other tables got their starter soup, so when we asked the same waitress for help she kinda went ‘oh right’. That’s so sad man. Anyhow, I came here because I read pretty positive reviews online from Yelp. One reviewer actually noted that the restaurant provides unlimited soup. I was like, that’s crazy so I asked another waitress (hoping this time someone smarter could answer the question). She responded by letting out a big laugh and said she never heard of it. I’m like wow, okay. I don’t really blame her for the response, but she probably could have given a more polite answer.


The food was good. It came out fast and the portions were decent. The prices are not too bad, and I think they are well matched. In fact, if the dishes were $1 cheaper I would come back monthly lols (despite the bad service). I want to say that the fish we ordered at night was SUPER SUPER TENDER, and delicious. What was unfortunate was that lunch and dinner menus were totally different. I really wanted to try the spaghetti, but it was not available. Anyhow, I would say that for cafe-styled Chinese food, this one is worth a second visit.

My Rating: 7.7/10
It Deserves: 8/10 (if we had a different waitress)


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