Sometimes Asian parents are quite annoying. For those who aren’t familiar with the Asian culture, parents in the previous generation will not tolerate anything less than perfect. The fact that I’m not a doctor has already proven to be a disappointment, bummer right? Ever since I graduated, I went straight to getting my Masters, and transitioned from job to job. Believe it or not, I haven’t taken even 1 week of break between each job. It’s a pity and it’s sad. My current contract will end in May and they have been pestering me about the next job. You know what, I don’t mind resting for like a month. Take some time off you know? Nope, lols.

2049 Pine Street
Suite 62
Burlington, ON L7R 1E9

What was I doing in Burlington? I was at a friend’s friend’s birthday event, playing volleyball and dodgeball. It was fun lols.

Street parking, but not busy. We were lucky, it was January 2 and we still didn’t have to pay. Woohoo for free parking. Toronto would never have that on a weekday.

I just wanted to comment on the decor. This place is really cute and super spacious for families if they choose to dine here. I love the furniture, utensils, everything, etc. Our waitress was also very nice. Overall, pretty good service =)

Please note that it does take some time for the pizza to be ready. They come out fresh from the oven, so it’s going to be at least 30 minutes of waiting time. It’s comfort food people. What I love is the sauce, super tasty, and not forgettable like Pizza Pizza. The crust is very thick and all we were missing was some type of dip. We ordered the calamari (appetizer) to share and portions were okay. It’s not oily at all, super thin, but a little dry. The dip was meh, not really a favourite of mine. Quality-wise, their food is good. Price-wise it was too much for my group of friends. If you include tips and taxes, each person is paying $20 for 3 slices of pizza and like 3 pieces of calamari (this is lunch). I have no complaints about how the food tastes but for that amount, I would prefer to go to Pizza Hut or something else. If you have money to burn, this is a great place to eat pizza.

My Rating: 7.7/10
It is Worth: 8.2/10 (For the people with money lols)


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