Before the year ends, I need to make sure this post makes it through the bunch. I was in NYC just yesterday and ended up with super bad food poisoning. My boyfriend had it too. I’m recovering all day today so I’ll be busy with these reviews. Hope everyone else don’t get what we have lols.

Anime North is what you call an otaku’s heaven. If you don’t know what an otaku is, don’t worry because you can google that lols. Anime North is a three day event that is hosted in Mississauga and takes place in multiple buildings (a convention centre and nearby hotels). Unlike the ones you might have attended in Asia, it’s not just about buying anime items from a market place and vendors. You get to really embrace the anime culture, connect with other nerdy minds, and enjoy the full experience. As ticket holders, you can watch anime for free, read manga, play games, and even enter contests. There are so many events and most of the time, you won’t be able to attend them all. Line-ups are common as well.

I was very lucky this year and was granted with 2 media passes. It didn’t really make a difference since I already bought my own tickets beforehand. Here are some highlights from the event and suggestions I have for those who want to attend the 2017 Anime North Convention.

*If you would like me to remove your picture/blur out your face (because your face is in it), please just leave me a message. Likewise, if you really love my photography skills and want a copy of the original file, please contact me.*

What I really like is that attendees mostly dress up and it’s really amusing to see what people can offer.  In the building picture, you will see that someone has put a Pikachu up to the window (creepy or funny?).  In the bottom left, they are robots made by someone from scratch (I believe) and they move around via a hand-held device!  Other than anime, people do dress up as characters from games or movies.

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One of the highly anticipated events in Anime North is the Masquerade.  People who join have dedicated their time to creating their costumes by hand and come on stage to display their artwork.  It’s quite a long event, spanning a total of 2-3 hours.  I don’t take the best photos but have to say that some of these are quite fabulous lols.  There were so many awesome costumes, but I just uploaded the ones where you can actually see them in good lighting.

Once you go into the convention, it splits off into multiple rooms.  You can either play games, buy from official vendors, or talk to artists who create fan art.  Another thing I wanted to point out is that on Friday Nights, you can get a table to sell your second-hand anime items.  The rental is not that expensive and usually you can sell off many of your stuff.  My cousin rents out a table every year and I just bring a few of my stuffed dolls.

– Carpool
– Bring a second pair of shoes (running shoes), you will be walking a lot
– Bring an empty water bottle or make sure you stay hydrated
– Bring cash, and lots of it
– Buy your tickets early because they do sell out
– Give yourself rest in between the events, you will be worn out
– Connect with other attendees, everyone is super nice, don’t just go to shop!
– Print out the schedule beforehand and highlight the events you want to attend
– Bring a charger or extra batteries

If you are not an anime fan, even just passing by would be quite a sight.  Hope you enjoyed this brief review!


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