McDonald’s…is it your favourite restaurant/fast food chain? For Canada, I’d say yes. It’s funny that I’m reviewing about this particular restaurant, but recently they came up with some new choices and it got my mouth watering lols.

420 Highway 7 E
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3B1


Funny how I’m rating this place’s location. Anyhow, this is probably the Mc D’s you want to go to if you don’t want to wait. There aren’t as many people which means it won’t be crowded. The parking is okay, there are enough spots because no one comes to this plaza (I do come for the BBQ meat).

It’s like any other Mc D’s, can’t say this one is any worse or better. I really wanted to try the new festive combo that is being offered this year, so I did. First of all the waffle fries are very different, super crunchy on the inside but it tastes kind of the same as any Mc D’s fries. The only problem is that it has to be eaten fresh/hot. Previously, their normal fries can be eaten at any time (obviously, best when served hot) but still edible when it’s cold. The Potato Rosti and Bacon burger is a total ripoff. I really should have paid more attention to the marketing ad because it’s just a hashbrown inside a burger. It doesn’t taste bad per se, but it’s super dry so you are dying for a drink after every bite. Like seriously, could I not have bought a single cheese burger then adedd a hash brown in between? That might cost less right?

Rating: Do not buy the burger, but get the fries!


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