There is nothing “potato” about this restaurant except that the interior is slightly brown lols.

This plaza is well known for its restaurants, and perhaps supermarket too lols. Anyhow, parking is a nightmare (as with any Asian place) and I’ve seen accidents every time I come here. I have a little secret place where I usually park, but if I told you I would never be able to come again lols. Alternatively, you can park in their garage =)

I read in many reviews that their service sucks. I’m not sure, I felt like they were okay. They tended to my needs every time I had a request. To me, that’s pretty good service in an Asian restaurant already. If you want someone who asks if you need a water refill, go somewhere else fancy lols.

I think it’s extremely neat that they have shovels as their utensils, I’d say I give that a bonus point. Not only are they visually appealing, but they are actually easy to use (obviously not ergonomic-friendly). The restaurant is not jam-packed like most Asian places and I love sitting at the booth area. I felt that the place adopted an open concept and the lighting was perfect. Atmosphere and design – check please! The menu is unique in its own way, kind of like a wooden pizza paddle but pizza cannot be ordered here lol. I love how they have such a colourful menu but dude, things are a little expensive.


I’ve been here twice and I tried the ramen and the omelette rice. They are average at best. The omelette is soft, the taste is there, but definitely a little watered down. Their meat is okay, except the meat that was found in ramen was meh. There was way too much fat. The omelette rice is commonly known as omurice in Japan. I’ve had it in many places (including Japan) and I have to say, it’s actually quite difficult to make this super yummy. The egg has to be made extremely soft for it to taste good, having mayo is a plus, and ketchup is a usual addition. I always find it fascinating to look at…and that’s all lols. I’ve seen in YouTube videos how some look amazing, I’ve had yet to try one that has wowed me (even in Japan). I do wish to go back to Japan and try this dish again. As for the ramen, the soup base was super oily. It did taste good but the noodles weren’t that special.

I did not have the stomach to try their famous tower-high brick toast, BUT I did try their marshmallow toast.  It wasn’t bad.  It’s a little difficult to cut into pieces because the marshmallow would melt right away and everything would be stuck together.  Definitely messy, but the taste is there.  Is it worth $5.99?  Well, if you venture to Go For Tea the price is similar so I’d say it’s comparable.

My Rating: 7.4/10
Others would rate it as: 7/10


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