I think after I became a Yelp Elite, I felt the need to try a bit harder with my food blogging responsibilities. So here goes…

Market Street Catch
14 Market Street
Toronto, ON M5E 1C3
St. Lawrence

If you are new to Toronto (or you live outside of Toronto), you will be amazed at the popularity of the St. Lawrence Market. It does not reflect the bustling city life of Toronto, but boasts a culture of good food and warm-loving vendors. Once you step into the area or even the building, you will find yourself immersed into a different area. The food here isn’t expensive, nor is it considered fine dining but the quality is superb.


You place your order, grab a number, and wait to be served. Most people order to-go, but eating inside the restaurant is cool too. The only caveat is that the restaurant is quite small and in the winter times, every door swing will bring in a gust of wind. In other words, it’s frigg’n cold to dine-in unless you sit away from the door.

Their seafood is great. My only concern is that the stuff can be too salty. Portions are nice. I love their fries! They are thin and crunchy, yum yum. I have been here twice and the squid is honestly their best dish. Overall, pretty good food, but I would choose to do take-out instead.

My rating: 7.7/10
Others would rate it as: 8.1/10


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