So I said I would fill everyone in on what happened the last couple of months.  Unfortunately our family has been very busy due to an emergency.  My mom had been hospitalized for over a month due to an extremely serious medical condition and I took some time off work.  In addition, I switched jobs after the whole ordeal but still work in healthcare.  It has been quite a difficult time.  I have to say that 2015-2016 has been a shit show for me.  Hopefully, things will turn out to be better soon.

My mom is home now, with my dad off work to provide 24/7 care. I still do go out to eat but as you can see, blogging is not my priority. Now that I’m slowly getting used to my new job, you will see my gradual return to food blogging.

KAMA (Indian Cuisine)
214 King Street W
Toronto, ON M5H 3S6
Entertainment District, Downtown Core


I’m not really sure why I didn’t take photos for this one lols. I usually eat with my phone first and take photos nonstop. I guess I was really tired. I was training for Tough Mudder this Saturday but injured my right foot so I’m limping to work etc. I decided to go to Kama because of a Groupon offer. For $29, you get a dinner buffet for 2 (including beer and naan bread). I did not know that the Groupon would only be valid 24 hours after purchase, I swear I’ve used it immediately in the past. Luckily, the staff gave me an “okay” for this one but told me to not do it again =_=

I’m getting lazy so I’m just gonna talk about everything in one chunk. The food was average at best. They do have some awesome spring rolls and meat but that’s about it. I’m a soup kind of person and their tomato soup was horrible. I’m sorry, but why is it so sour? Their dessert was kinda meh. I do have to praise them for having amazing service, I apologize for not remembering our server’s name but he was very accommodating. For $15 per person (AYCE format), beer, naan bread (soft and flavourful by the way), and a quiet space, can’t complain too much. I felt pretty bad for this restaurant because it was so empty. They really need to improve the variety of their foods, and perhaps look at spicing up their Indian food. I’ve had way better Indian cuisine and they are all in downtown. It’s honestly quite lacking and I wouldn’t have come if it wasn’t for the Groupon. I wouldn’t say I regret stepping into the restaurant because they do have some good points. I always enjoy Indian food and wished that their food was a little hotter. Everything felt mediocre at best.

My Rating: 7/10
What It Deserves: 6.3/10


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