Yes!  I am back and just in time before summer ends.  Well technically it is already the end of August but who cares?  Lots of things have happened in my life the past couple of months but before we talk about that I have exciting things to share.  Bootler is a new food app/website that is quite popular in Chicago.  I have received news about this company and would like to share it with all of you.  Not to mention, I was in Chicago a few weeks ago and it’s a must-see destination!


What is Bootler?


Bootler is an online aggregation service for delivery food or a search engine for delivery food. Basically, Bootler works with over 6 different delivery services allowing users to pick a restaurant and compare prices, availability and delivery time.  It saves you time and money BUT they are not the delivery company. Bootler brings together other delivery companies and then redirects you to the respective websites. Think of it like Kayak.com (for flights)… you book the flight through Kayak, but you fly with American Airlines.  Bootler = Kayak!

Facts about Bootler:

  • 6 different delivery partners and growing…
  • You can order both food and alcohol from their site. Alcohol comes from a delivery service called ‘Saucey.’
  • Currently only Chicago-based but expanding to NY by the end of the year and more major cities soon after (that’s right, Toronto may be in the works!)
  • 100,000 visitors per month
  • 2,000 people daily ordering from our service
  • Launching a mobile app in September

Coupon Codes (feel free to include these in your posts):

  • Use “Saucey” to receive $10 off your alcohol order
  • Use “Bootler” to receive $10 off your food order from Postmates


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