I have the week off but I wake up so late that it feels like 3/4 of my day is gone anyways. I’ll wake up earlier tomorrow.

1221 Markham Road
Scarborough, ON M1H 3E2

It’s all-you-can-eat so there is no service lols. Anyways this place is a joke but I paid $10.99 for lunch…I don’t mind running the whole place by myself. I’m warning you right now, you need to go up to the waiters and tell them what you want. No one will care about you. The only good thing is, they will collect your dishes and give napkins out faster than other restaurants. Anyways, go on Tuesdays or Fridays so you get the special discount!

Honestly it sucks, it sucks balls but it was better than some of the buffets in Las Vegas (like the ones you do under the buffet of buffets deal). I’m going to recommend some dishes because they were legit okay:
– Mushrooms (teriyaki/grilled)
– Soup (lots of MSG but to the tongue it was fabulous)
– Veggies (thank god they didn’t mess this up)
– Dessert (I’m talking about the soup-based ones)
– Fried chicken wings (super crunchy skin, I like lols)

Although it was not a good buffet I also think for this price, you can’t beat it. I haven’t had diarrhea after eating it (positive!) and my stomach was filled to the top. I thought the soup weren’t bad, but I’m a soup person.

My rating: 6.3/10
It deserves: 6.0/10

Some might ask, what restaurants warrant a rating of 5 (or less than that)? If your food sucks more than this, your price is high, and your service is totally bad…that’s where you get a 5.


4 thoughts on “[Restaurant Review] Super Buffet

  1. wow this one is a random review compared to your others which seemed really good and tasty, I hope your boyfriend didn’t take you to this place. He seemed like he was doing a great one job and a keeper but if he took you here…dump his ass hahaha kidding kidding!! Love your reviews!! hope to see more!!

      • oooh alright, well I hope you two keep going to fun places, he seems to make you really happy!! Enjoy!!

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