My internet company is giving me a headache, they are telling me that the bill will be delayed for 2-3 weeks. It’s mid-March, so wtf…

85 Hanna Avenue
Toronto, ON M6K 3S3
Liberty Village

I just want to tell everyone here to not go in the winter time. We waited close to 2 hours for a table of 2. There are a few stores around the restaurant but it’s no Eaton Centre so you MAY get bored out of your mind. But when you do get to go inside, the service is superb. The washrooms are handicap friendly – this to me was amazing and deserves a big thumbs up. They have a ramp on the side so that individuals in wheelchairs can mobilize to the other end of the restaurant. Our waiter was very pleasant, didn’t pressure us to order drinks, and gave us suggestions that were genuine (i.e. order a biscuit and not just a scone)

This restaurant boasts about their pancakes; claiming it’s the best in Toronto. I think as a foodie you travel around the world, eat everywhere you go, and sometimes (just sometimes) your taste buds are at a new high for standards of food. The pancakes in this restaurant were good but nothing near legendary. I will say that the portions can feed a family of 3 (lols) and the sauce they add at the top is super delicious but…it wasn’t really THAT FLUFFY. I’m sorry to disappoint you folks but I’ve had way better. I’m not saying the pancakes are bad, it was definitely a good choice but to wait 1.5h…not for this. To describe the pancakes in detail, it is definitely soft but I would never use the word fluffy. The bottom is a bit crispy which is cool and the pancake as a whole is super thick.

Now I’m going to tell you about one dish that is worth waiting an hour for, but still not for 1.5+ hours lol. Veda’s choice is a delight and damn that salmon is to die for! I just want to say that when you take a bite out of the croissant..mm mm, I love croissants by the way. This is surprising even to me but I enjoyed the salad, it was drenched in sauce but not so much that it was soggy.

Get the biscuit and skip the scone, that’s all I have to say lols.

My Rating: 8.5/10
It Deserves: 8.5/10

Definitely a good place for brunch but nobody should wait more than 1.5 hour for food. I mean, it has to be amazing for someone to wait that long, let alone in the cold. The pancakes did not live up to the hype and I strongly suggest that people eat the pancakes in Japan – NOW THOSE ONES ARE FLUFFY.


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