Some of my earrings are rusting and I read online that you can rub it with toothpaste to do the trick. Honestly it’s not working. I think my toothpaste is not strong enough lol. My mom told me to just throw those earrings out, but you know what 90% of my earrings are rusting so FML. Damn those China-made products.

I just did a search and everyone is saying those earrings are fake because they are made of metal. So I need to invest in silver ones…poor wallet.

Sushi Legend
175 Commander Boulevard – Unit 2
Toronto, ON M1S 3M7

I’m feeling good today so I’ll write more about the actual restaurant. Sushi Legend’s first location is in a busy plaza (Finch and Leslie) that I hate going to but its known for producing quality AYCE dishes. You can also view my previous review here: https://thesfarm.wordpress.com/2014/03/11/restaurant-review-sushi-legend/

The second restaurant is supposedly in a newer plaza, right beside Dollarama. There is plenty of spaces for parking (which is a plus) and the restaurant itself is much more spacious. I really like how most tables are situated in booths.

It was a little difficult to get their attention when we first walked in but otherwise service was okay. They gave our party 10% off because it was my birthday, so make note of that!

As some of you might know, AYCE restaurants are more about quantity and quality. I feel that Sushi Legend produces good teriyaki dishes, mediocre sushi, and great dessert. I will recommend that you order A FUCKING LOT on your first menu sheet because believe it or not, the first installment is always better in quality. I’m going to tell you why, our second installment was filled with sashimi that wasn’t as fresh and even my dad could tell you the difference (and trust me, he sucks at this stuff). The dessert is quite good, so make sure you order the creme brulee. Otherwise I think the restaurant boasts the same quality as their first one, if not better. I know I reviewed KAKA previously but this place is cheaper and my parents would rather come back to Sushi legend than KAKA.

My rating: 84%
It deserves: 82% (Taking off a bit on the service)


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