As most of you know I work in downtown Toronto so I try my best to get my hands on freebies and taste all the best restaurants. Opening today is H&M Home, the flagship store is located at Eaton Centre (one of the busiest malls in Toronto). From what I remember, the first 300 individuals get to have a cash voucher with the first 2 in line scoring $500 each (that’s what I heard). The store opened straight on the dot at 10:00am, and you can actually get in line shortly before 10 to get these freebies. While waiting in line, someone will serve you with hot chocolate paired with a super delicious cookie. I asked for two by the way lols.

You do get a tote bag and you will find the following inside:
– Some brochures
– A free towel
– Free bottle water
– The limited tote bag itself (I assume it’s limited edition)

I got a $10 voucher which is supposed to be the typical amount. I will say that they are heavily staffed – good job H&M but a little disappointed that their home area is so small. This is the perfect store for University students (especially catered to Ryerson University I bet) and everything is quite affordable. I wouldn’t say things are dirt cheap but with its trendy designs, I think the prices are quite fair. We are not looking at IKEA quality but perhaps a little better than Wal-Mart. Everyone who received the cash voucher are limited to spending that amount on Feb 25 ONLY, but hey free stuff!

So my cast is off and I’m working on moving my fingers. I have been focusing more on my instagram account, just google “moochi2000” so I may be somewhat neglecting my blog audience lols.


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