Happy Family Day…to all the CANADIANS!! It has been frigg’n cold the past few days, hope you bundled up in your nice expensive Goose coats lol.

601 King Street W
Toronto, ON M5V 1M5

We ordered from the Valentine’s Day menu, see below:


I am unsure how service works but it appears to be a team effort. I read a lot of negative reviews about bad service here (and you know me, I complain a lot about service) but dude they were pretty good that night. Our cups (of water) were always refilled, someone always came up to clean the table after each meal, and the manager came to refold my boyfriend’s napkin when he went to the bathroom. It was super filled that night and the earliest reservation we could get was at 5:30pm. Superb service in my opinion.



Taco – The shell is super crunchy, the content was savoury (loved the avocado and crab) but only one? Lol. By the way they had like two little pomegranate pieces on the side, I almost didn’t see them. Just small portions but I soon recognized why they only served one.


Tuna Tartare – Mediocre.

Baked Oyster – Holy shit, that lap cheung combination is a genius idea! This was actually my fave part of this meal. The oyster was pretty big and super tasty. Although I left it as the last item to eat, it was still really warm. Damn good.

Kobe Beef Tataki – It’s like super good beef on a fried sushi lols. Difficult to describe but I had something similar in LA. Quite unique, I like how the rice was slightly crispy on the outside. The kobe beef was tender too.


Beef Wellington – My boyfriend didn’t like the black truffle but was still in awe at the sauce. This dish is super filling, and I love how they made it – everyone doesn’t get ONE slice; they get their individual dome of beef in crust lol. There were parts of the beef that were more tough (bleh). I honestly thought it was a good dish overall. If you were in the restaurant you would notice that every couple stopped talking when the Beef Wellington arrived, they were too busy eating.


Dessert – A little underwhelming considering that the meals beforehand were so good. It was definitely a light dessert (nothing bad about it) but I would have expected more.

Overall, there was nothing that made my experience bad. Some of the dishes definitely surprised me and I would recommend the oyster and beef wellington. Our service was very good. I do wonder why they make the seats so small, tables so narrow, and chairs so uncomfortable. For a restaurant with so much “class”, they probably just want people to stay like 1.5-2 hours but not forever LOL.  The images were super ugly since the lights were so dim, guess the environment had to bw romantic =p


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