Is it that time already? By the way I broke my finger and I can’t type properly with my left hand. Unfortunately there goes my volleyball league but I’m still a good captain and arrange practices for my team.

Shangri-La Hotel
188 University Avenue
Toronto, ON M5H 0A3

$28 Lunch
Plus taxes and gratuity

Winter Squash Coconut Soup (vegetarian)
crispy garlic, pumpkin seed, cilantro
Roasted Beet & Apple Salad (vegetarian)
toasted grains, almonds, citrus herb buttermilk
Beef Tartare
bulgur wheat, parsley, sunflower seed, white anchovy vinaigrette

Lois Lake Steelhead Salmon
daikon, shitake mushroom, scallion, aromatic dashi
Braised Ontario Pork
fingerling potato, savoy cabbage, haricot vert, apple brown butter vinaigrette
Pappardelle Pasta (vegetarian)
poached egg, winter greens, mushroom butter

Artisanal Cheese Plate
two cheeses, house made preserve, fruit & nut crisps
Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache Cake
cocoa crumble, vanilla chantilly, preserved cherry ice cream
Caramel Apple Mousse
poached apples, almond sponge, whipped cinnamon white chocolate

SUPERB. Our waiter is cute, good-looking, good manners, good to chat with BUT why did you take so long to bring the machine? He did so well throughout the night, it was such a shame that he failed at the end. I subtracted 2% off his tips, it was so sad. It was honestly one of my better winterlicious experiences for the most part. I just want to add that the washrooms are very nice but super out of the way (outside the restaurant and beside the elevators). You can wave your hand at a button and the doors will automatically open (don’t be old-fashioned and push the door lols).


Soup was almost spot on. It was surprisingly spicy; gives off a Thai coconut taste that tings your tongue at the end. I would appreciate if it was less spicy but nevertheless a good surprise. The salad was very simple, super colourful and as per my friends it grew on them.

The entree was super filling. You would think they may cheap out on the portions but I’m giving them a thumbs up for doing a good job. My biggest complaint is that the pork had too much fat, not enough meat. The cabbage was amazing, not at all salty and made me crave for it. My friend’s pasta was not dry – super moist. For pasta to be this smooth, soft, and full of flavour – skills right there.

The dessert….hmm..looks nice but that’s it. I really would have preferred something else. We ordered coffee (french press, I think it costs like $7 and fills 3.5 cups). Ladies and gentleman, one of the best coffee I’ve tasted – smooth, dark, and it’s not Starbucks.

Verdict: Worth coming for lunch (no doubt). I love the decor, service was great (except near the end) and the dishes surprised us. It won’t leave you feeling starved so you are eating your money’s worth.  I don’t want to rate it just yet, will need to re-assess with a regular menu.


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