My boyfriend noted that I make hilarious comments when I drive, must be from my angry Asian blood lols. I really hate people who tailgate me, if I’m driving faster than most people go ahead and pass me. That’s right, you can’t. If you are on the left lane, fine, I’ll go to the right JUST for you. But if I’m on the right (slow) lane, don’t you dare try kissing my ass. It’s for the calm drivers, go and drive in the middle if you are so good, yes between both lanes.

Anyhow, I wasn’t even driving today but sometimes driving gives me a headache. I was driving a friend after volleyball and I told her to tell me the directions because I don’t know the neighbourhood that well. She could not tell me the directions…I’m like yo, I told you to look it up. She said she told me which street already, I’m like where you gotta say more than the street….what happens after? Lol. Anyhow, I had to use my phone as a GPS after.

1108 St. Clair Avenue W
Toronto, ON M6E 1A7

It was fine, normal stuff. I have nothing to add lols.

I pray you know how to parallel park (look for Green P signs).


You come here for the FOOD and I say this because brunch/breakfast here is godly. First of all, the classic breakfast IS AMAZING. I almost ordered it but opted for the quiche because it looked so good online. The quiche is not bad but I think it would have tasted better with spinach, perhaps I’m not a big fan of squash. The sides/pastry of the quiche is very crunchy and is super tasty. The content (egg and squash) are okay, but not something I would eat again. For the side, I chose quinoa and I kind of regretted it because it felt a bit dry. The dish itself was fine, but nothing mind-blowing. Now we move onto the big breakfast…it was stellar. To start, the eggs look like perfection. The scrambled eggs were organized and didn’t look all spread out on the dish. It was also fluffy when I tasted it, they probably used milk (?) and cooked it at the right temperature and time. The bacon is so big, not a lot of fat, and the right amount of crispiness on the sides. The potatoes, sooooooo good. This dish is the bomb (a happy kind of explosion in the mouth!).

*I just want to add that the menus do change (not sure if it’s a daily basis). Their famous donuts are not available on weekdays and from what I’ve heard it is super packed on weekends. I do plan on coming back for these though lol.*

My Rating: 8.7/10
It Deserves: 9.0/10


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