Went here for my friend’s Birthday Dinner and guess what they have a second floor that can accommodate bigger parties. Read the review to find out how I rate it! Does this intro sound a little more attractive? Lol.

2425 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M4P 2E7

Nothing was BAD but nothing was GOOD either. This restaurant looks nice on the inside and outside, it is even located in a busy area (Yonge and Eglinton) but why is everything so mediocre? We had a group of 20+ individuals so they had our party sit upstairs on the second floor. Holy cow this place is small, we barely had any room but I’ll blame that on the structure of the table/seats. It would have been better if they saved the table beside us as well so we could move around (I mean we had a large party and you know tips are already included) but I’m sure they had to maximize their venue. Obviously with such a big group it would take some time for all of us to order, but could they not offer us some bread first? Another thing is paying took forever. Could the restaurant not have more than 1 server to speed up the process? Also, our waiter offered us cheese after our meals were half finished. Like……what?

Looks pretty good once again but the taste is not worth its price. First of all the bread was just laying on some table (for I don’t know how long) so it was not warm. I’ve had better bread at Chinese bakeries that sell sausage buns lols. The olive oil was disgusting – thick and smelled like plastic (I’m just trying to say it was too bleh). My friend noted that the mussel were too sour. Our soup came late and was depressing, even Campbell Soup would give it a thumbs down. The soup costed us $6-7, not only was the bowl size small but it had almost no taste. The main dish was so disappointing, the chicken tasted like it came defrosted from frozen food. Sure, the food would be okay if they costed half its price but at $20+…….no lols.

(What happened to the rest of the soup?  Was it moving around so much that it filled the edges or did it evaporate?  Note the remains on the edges of the bowl.  Lol, sorry I’m being ridiculous here.)

My rating: 6.5/10 (I wanted to give it more)
Others would rate it as: 7/10


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