I think they totally changed the layout for WordPress and the editing box is awfully blank and wide. I am not used to this editor lols. By the way my whole body is sore from volleyball. We didn’t play our best this week but at the same time other teams were better. Sometimes I get so mad at myself because I’m not at their skill level. Our team was totally bummed out. I am glad everyone wanted to keep practising and no one was discouraged. Very good team attitude!

865 York Mills
Unit 9
Toronto, ON M3B 1Y6

Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Italian…all you can eat style!

We had superior service in the beginning. Our waiter was friendly, outgoing, great at talking and so easy to interact with. The tablet was nice and easy to use. It actually has one of the better layouts (probably thanks to the software) for ordering. Gosh, we were having such a good time until halfway through the restaurant became busy and all the waiters disappeared. It took us so long to get our bill, like 10 minutes? Dude, all you are doing are serving dishes (and that’s not even the waiter’s job). We asked someone who was serving to get us the bill and he quickly told us that he was not a waiter. Well you know, maybe you can ask someone to help us. I don’t know how the tipping system works but they lost so much here. When we finally waived a waiter to come, he nodded but there were so many tables before us who wanted to leave too. In the end, I’m assuming it was the manager who came over and took care of it. But shit…hire more people.

Lots of variety, no doubt. Food quality is a little below average but the presentation is great (good job). Portions are TOO big for an AYCE restaurant. When we ordered butter chicken, we weren’t asking for a full size bowl of rice. And when we order fried rice, we aren’t asking for the dish to feed 3 people lols. I know that some buffet-style restaurants are looking to fill you up but this is such a waste. Your restaurant offers so much variety, why don’t you be nice and let us taste a bite of each? Maybe it’s a great strategy to save money but dude, it turns people away.  Dessert is extra – really?  Are you really going to do this to your customers? Lol.

– Escargot
– Skewers
– Seafood
– Most of the appetizers are okay (I like the crispy chicken)

Stay away from:
– Sushi
– Dim sum

My Rating: 7.0/10
It Deserves: 7.5/10


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