I’ve been pretty sick lately and somehow sluggishly managed to work this week. I’m feeling a lot better today but the mood right now is: emo. I will promise myself to sleep earlier lols.

4862 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M2N 5N2

I’ve actually been to this place 2 times and although the first time is a bit of a blur there were some major differences.

The waitresses are pretty and cute but not attentive at all to our needs. I came here the first time with a guy and I swear they came to check up on us frequently. This week I went with my girlfriends and holy cow, it’s like waving for taxi service in a rural town. The waitresses just pass on by and ignore us. When they finally took down our order, I will say that their approach is gentle and nice but crap, can you please stop talking to the guys?? All of us drove that night and didn’t want to drink so we were going to just eat and drink water. Bad choice! No one in this restaurant ever takes a peek to see if we need water. Damn, do I need to grow a pair of balls to get these girls’ attention? If we turn back time and compare it to when I came by with a guy, TOTALLY DIFFERENT SERVICE. What a shame.

The food took a pretty long time to come but thankfully it was hot. I think this place is more suited for bar food and not necessarily dinner as they are mostly fatty foods – not to really fill you up. The kimchi fries are really good and worth ordering for every visit. The crispy prawns can be skipped, not that it was bad, but it’s just kind of boring. I believe you cannot eat the tails so proportion-wise, it will not get you full. The tacos were spot-on, lots of content, juicy, and very well-seasoned.

I would never come back for a girls’ night but with a couple guys, sure why not lols.

My rating: 7.5/10 (Based on 2 visits)
Others would rate it as: 8.2/10 (If you were a guy lols)


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