Seems like I got sick. Must be from the cold weather..sucks.

3235 Highway 7 E
Unit 18A
Markham, ON L3R 3R3

I actually booked a table 1 month in advance even though we ate on a Monday. I read somewhere online that the place is always packed so it’s better to be on the safe side…even if it’s super early lols. Because this is an AYCE restaurant I will summarize my visit into the good and bad. Let’s keep it simple.

– Pretty good service for an AYCE restaurant (i.e. checked on us a few times, gave us 10% discount for birthday, and provided extra napkins without asking)
– Good variety
– Tablet for ordering which is good because you can see the photos
– Comfortable seating
– Food is served immediately
– Very few items were missed (this happens a lot in other restaurants)

– Pricey
– Tables are wobbly LOL
– The teapot is big (which is good because we don’t need to do as much refills) but the tea gets cold near the end
– The dessert spoon doesn’t fit into their tiny glass jars LOL (if you try to eat the pudding, you actually can’t get to the bottom of it)

I want to point out that this restaurant specializes in making delicious sushi (how ironic) but most AYCE restaurants cannot pump out quality sushi that quickly. I love the torched sushi – this is something I will come back for. I think their grilled dishes are average at best but I generally think this restaurant has good service which trumps a lot of other places.

My Rating: 8.1/10
Others would rate it as: 8.3/10


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