I’m struggling through a tough time at work as it’s Christmas time and everyone wants to leave the hospital. It has been super busy for everyone who works in healthcare and probably retail =(

Gourmet Malaysia
4466 Sheppard Avenue E
Unit 101
Scarborough, ON M1S 1V2

The workers were very nice but I had to complain about how slow the restaurant was running. My friend’s curry beef bowl arrived within 5 minutes of ordering whereas my noodle bowl didn’t come out until 30 minutes later. I told my friend to eat first but he thought it would be rude…but seriously his food got cold by the time my noodles came by. And don’t you readers start saying I was complaining silently, I asked the waitress if she could follow-up. She was very nice but told me that the restaurant was very busy which is why my food was coming out so slowly. Dude, it’s a holiday maybe you should be properly staffed. Did I mention that there were empty tables and no line-ups? How is it FULL?

I ordered the Laksa (which is the one that came 30 minutes later) and it is most known for having a spicy soup base complimented by noodles. I asked for half spicy which you should not do in the future as it wasn’t spicy at all. I saw lots of pepper logos beside the dish so I thought I would get my tongue burned, but nope it’s safe ladies and gentlemen. The soup itself was very good, well seasoned, and the temperature was just right. My only complaint is that the dish would be better complimented with thicker noodles and not vermicelli. I did not feel that the noodles absorbed the full flavour of the soup which was somewhat of a waste.

My friend ordered coconut rice with curry beef (flank?). I really regret to say that we could not taste its full potential as we waited so long for my actual dish to arrive. The bulk of the sauce (while it is seemingly covering the whole dish) is hidden in the bottom. You need to actually mix the whole thing together or else the first few beef bites will be quite bland. The coconut rice was okay but nothing surprising and a little expensive for its size (I’ve had way better).

My Rating: 6.7/10 (I’m giving it higher because the atmosphere was good)
What it’s worth: 6.4/10

I really want to give it another chance because it had some decent reviews online. I was so disappointed with the wait and deep inside I feel like it can do better.


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