I was selling some items at a mall today through a Facebook Group. All went well and of course I always bring someone with me when selling. We met up and I told him to check the item before paying. He did a brief check then bought the item. He messaged me later to buy another item that I tried to advertise earlier and we exchanged products again. 1-2 hours later I get a picture message indicating that part of the item I sold had a defect. I was like wtf, and clearly I didn’t want to deal with it so I said you can get a refund if you wish. From what I know and I’m seeking advice from you readers, it is really the buyer’s responsibility to check for issues (and I did give him the time to do so). Later he said he was fine with it and even proceeded to say the items would be donated for charity etc. I’m like well okay, and that was supposedly the end. He added me on Facebook and I totally ignored it. Can’t say that I’m not creeped out by that. I have saved all our Facebook messages but of course I’m wondering if the item was actually broken after I sold it hmm…

(416) 391-0307
49 Karl Fraser Road
Toronto, ON M3C 0E5

I just want to comment that the atmosphere is very romantic and classic. If you need a first date location, pick this place. However, the waiters are very good-looking so your girl (or guy) may be very busy looking at other guys (cough).

Awesome food. I just need to comment that their special ravioli is to die for. First of all, it’s super soft and the meat is well seasoned inside. You only get like 5-6 pieces for the $20 that you pay, so DON’T SHARE lols. My friend was very nice and gave me 1 piece, so generous lols. Some restaurants make that ravioli too thick, to the point where you can’t taste the content inside. This ravioli combines the right texture, thickness, and temperature so it’s a sure win. The funghi pizza that I ordered is very light and it’s great for those who love cheese. The mushroom taste is very subtle and I find this to be a good contrast to the normal pizzas that we eat (e.g. Canadian, meat lovers, vegetarian, etc.). The meatball wasn’t bad, we really liked the sauce but one can engulf that dish in less than 1 minute.

I put this section up because this is not a cheap restaurant. Honestly I would come back to try other foods but considering its price I definitely need to save up a bit. I personally don’t think the quality REALLY justifies the price they are serving their dishes at, but all in all it’s a pretty solid restaurant.

My rating: 7.9/10 (Good food, a little too expensive)
It is worth: 8.2/10


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