One of my friends found my reviews on Yelp and encouraged me to write a blog. Little did he know that I already have this one so that was good news for me. Unfortunately I haven’t been updating as much and it reflects in the site’s views (boo boo). So let’s try to write more =)


168 Sushi Japan Buffet
2366 Dundas Street W
Mississauga, ON L5K 1R7

Unlike most reviews online I had excellent service. I went on a weekday at lunch time and it’s not like it was empty, but the woman who greeted us gave us superb attention. She taught us how to use the Ipad ordering system and would follow-up on our requests. I’m sure it’s a lot busier on the weekends but can’t say that I have any complaints.

I have a feeling that the food is catered to the non-asian population cause it kinda sucks LOL. Now let begin by saying the ordering system is awesome but when I went to get my miso soup (which is off to the side and it’s self-served) I was not impressed that the seaweed wasn’t in there. You can add toppings like tiny tofu and green onions but one sip and I knew…crap LOL. It had almost no flavour so maybe it got diluted.  I don’t want to complain but I’ve had better luck making my own miso soup with pre-packaged powder from J-Town. Anyhow, there are lots of variety but the quality is average at best. The grilled dishes are a bit better, this includes the salmon. I actually don’t remember how much it costed since I didn’t pay lols, but my friends said it was worth it. For the quality, I would give it like a B-.

My rating: 7.5/10 (Had amazing service)
What it deserves: 7/10 (Food sucked lols)


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