How many burger joints will there be in Toronto? I don’t know, too damn many. I’m not trying to diss the business because most burger places are not bad, but when there is one burger restaurant every other street it may get boring. Luckily this only happens in downtown Toronto.

The Burgernator
269 Augusta Avenue
Toronto, ON M5T 1M5

Like most fast food services you order at the front and wait until your food is made. The only difference here is that they will deliver the burgers when they are ready. Napkins and other stuff can be found in the middle of the restaurant. I know tipping is always a big debate in the online communities, but like I personally wouldn’t tip more than 15% here unless you do a huge take-out order.

Definitely not horrible. Average at best. I really can’t comment too much on it because it was just okay (easy to slurp but the taste wasn’t long-lasting).

To start off, everything is made on the spot so supposedly it’s fresh. The burgers are definitely warm when they are served and unlike other restaurants, they will fit into your mouth (no surgeries required to overly widen that jaw). The atomic burger I ordered was quite good, especially the fried crusted cheese – I would say it is to die for. The bun itself did not surprise me as it was not SUPER soft. My boyfriend’s burger was just regular lols, we don’t even remember the name (damn).

Overall this place is pretty nice, given that it’s located in Kensington Market I’m surprised there’s room for bathrooms downstairs. Unfortunately they were renovating or something so the entire floor was covered in wet paint (referring to the basement) and I did not know how to walk around it. Quite a chill environment. I do like it, but no WOW factor.

My rating: 8/10 (I’m pretty picky when it comes to burgers)
It is probably worth: 8.4/10


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