I think most of you know by now that I’ve been busy engaging in physical activity, namely volleyball. Back in the days I was on the high school volleyball team but somehow gave up afterwards and became a fat pig. Anyhow, I am now super motivated to train again and hopefully I’ll join a league in 2016.

Just 1 week ago I tried to make a Chinese dish called MaPo Tofu and was burned literally LOL. Do not, I repeat do NOT cut chili peppers without wearing gloves. I made this mistake and accidentally touched my nose. Anyways, I will include this story in my future post.

Fish Legend
3235 Highway 7 E
Unit 23-26
Markham, ON L3R 3P3


My family and I always eat Chinese, Korean, or Japanese food so when we came to this restaurant, it was like wtf (in a good way). Honestly everything here is spicy lol but the waiter was very patient and explained the dishes in detail to us. Please note that they are more fluent in Mandarin, as opposed to Cantonese.


Crab roe tofu with Chinese cabbage
Just want to say that this is the neatest thing I’ve tried this year in terms of a veggie dish. If you are familiar with the salty egg then you will know that the sauce is made from its yolk (specifically speaking it’s several yolks combined together). The tofu and cabbage totally absorbs the taste but it’s not so salty that you are gasping for water. Just mix the dish a bit to reveal the cabbage hiding underneath!


Crispy sweet and sour pork
The sauce is the perfect combination of sweet and sour, it’s extremely sticky too. My only complaint is that the pork is too thin lols, well actually there is too much dough and not enough content.


Boiling sliced fish (or fish in boiling chili sauce)
As my description depicts, imagine a fish all sliced up and sitting in a bowl of hot chili sauce. We did not order the catfish but something else (sorry forgot). It’s honestly a bit pricey, fairing at $23 per bowl. After eating a few pieces you will feel a numbing sensation at the back of your tongue. There are some bones in the fish still but very thin and few. I recommend drinking tea throughout this dish LOL.

My rating: 7.7/10
It deserves: 8.0/10

The food is actually pretty good albeit a bit pricey. Would come back with a different crowd as my parents dislike spicy stuff.


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