Toronto is warming up this week so take some time and enjoy the outdoors, because it won’t last long lols. Anyhow moving on to our next review…

521 Bloor Street W
Toronto, ON M5S 1Y4

There is a Green P parking lot right behind this building. It is also TTC-accessible, you just have to walk like 2 minutes from Bathurst station.

This is not like a fine dining Japanese restaurant; I would say it’s more of a fast-food place. Unlike McDonald’s, you can order your food and sit at a table waiting for someone to deliver it. It’s not a very big restaurant so the waiters/waitresses can spot you. Kira (manager) is very welcoming and gives really good recommendations on what dishes would fit your taste.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is by far one of the best gyudon I’ve had in Toronto. Gyudon originates from Japan and it is literally beef on rice, maybe a few changes with the sauces and toppings. I ordered the gyudon topped with cheese and holy cow, it is phenomenal! The cheese topping is not overwhelming so you can still taste the meat and it mixes so well! Anyhow I was extremely impressed, got to give them a thumbs up for this dish. Not many Asian dishes incorporate cheese very well into their food but this one, damn son! I would also recommend the milk and green tea as drinks. Their dessert is average, with the classic cheesecake fairing as the best choice out of the bunch. At a low low cost of $7-9, you can fill your tummy for the night.





My Rating: 8.5/10
It deserves: 8.5/10


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