I hope everyone is starting to miss my posts lols. Anyhow back to eating. I try to go out less because it makes my wallet cry and my stomach bigger. I’ve been attempting to lose weight since I did a very good job of not gaining any extra cm when I was in Asia. My friends actually congratulated me for not being chubby again, damn LOL.

Sansotei is a very well-known ramen place in downtown Toronto. Their tonkotsu ramen is one of the best in Toronto and you can expect line-ups 1 hour after the restaurant opens. Since I work so close to this restaurant, I thought I would get a spot but nope lining up is a MUST. The Markham location opened recently and there are line-ups like no tomorrow. Let’s look into how this place compares with the downtown one.

Sansotei Ramen
3987 Highway 7 E
Markham, ON L3R

For a ramen place, their service is top notch. There is always one person who organizes the line up, she does the following: ensures that you get a ticket (with a number), writes down your party size, tries to get you indoors so you won’t freeze to death. I really want to give her a thumbs up because that’s a difficult job to do when it’s so cold outside (she was wearing a t-shirt, the restaurant needs to buy her a sweater LOL). Anyhow the wait is at least 30 minutes on a Friday night and I swear it was pretty good on the day I was there. Even when you get inside, you are served right away but you do get rushed a bit at the end when you finish your meal. My suggestions: eat SLOW lols. When that waiter/waitress (were they waiters? lols) sees your empty bowl she will be at your side within 1 minute LOL. Keep drinking that soup my friends!



I found that the taste was very similar to the downtown one but something was missing. In my opinion, the broth was not hot enough and the eggs were not that runny. I remember biting into the eggs (in downtown) and I felt like it was the best thing on Earth. I could feel the yolk rushing down my throat and squeezing my eyes from the delicious experience. A little exaggeration there but lols. The ramen itself is still not bad but not the same, not the same LOL.

My Rating: 8.1/10
It Deserves: 8.3/10


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