I like to go MIA frequently but now that I’m back in Toronto, let’s get the reviews rolling. From time to time I will also write about my adventures in Asia but who cares about that shit, let’s focus on Toronto.

Hot Pot
Throw a bunch of Asian food into a big boiling pot of water. Usually there is a soup base so that the food comes out with more flavour and yes, you can have soya sauce set aside for dipping. Asians like to use raw meat and veggies for this dish. And for those who are balling, they can use seafood.

Hopo Fusion Style Hotpot
20 Gibson Drive
Unit 111A
Markham, ON L3R 0M7

Do yourself a favour and park underground. The outdoor parking lot is a joke and everyone who park there are actually going to ChaTime for bubble tea lols.

It’s like $14-16 per person for each individual pot. A lot of hot pot places are All-You-Can-Eat (AYCE) in Toronto but they range from $23-30. I’d say that this place is fairly priced given that each portion can fill the average person (or me at least). I heard that prices are better at lunch time, though I haven’t been.

The people there are quite nice but not too bright. We waited for a table like 45 min to an hour and the last 10 minutes were due to lack of staffing. The tables were uncleaned and we just stood at the doorway waiting for someone to set it up for us. This place is extremely small but good thing it’s not AYCE so people come and go pretty quickly. After we paid, the waitresses gathered around our table with puzzled looks. We just asked them like WTF do you want to know LOL. They were wondering why not everyone had receipts in their hand, in other words did they forget to write down our orders. No, just look at the damn table, not everyone ordered one pot for themselves. Luckily there is no policy on how everyone has to order and they quickly let out a sigh of relief. Half of us elected to pay by cash and never got change back. We were like…….so are we getting change because we aren’t giving more than 20% tip LOL. Yes, they either forgot or wanted to not give change back. I think this is quite stupid, how do u miss that? Forgetting to give change back to half the table lols.





As a graphic designer I want to give them a small pat on the back, those are some nice menus lols. Anyhow the food is mediocre at best but I totally recommend getting the vegetable soup base. I rarely taste a soup base that is so good when it doesn’t have meat in it. Perhaps it’s the corn, but I engulfed that thing like it was pure soup. The soup itself is more sweet than salty but you don’t feel thirsty after drinking it.  From what I know, hot pot soup base isn’t the most healthy thing to drink lol. Laksa soup base is mildly spicy and a little salty. I didn’t have the courage to try the spicy beef soup base but my friend was sweating the whole time lols. We also had the popcorn chicken which was average.

My Rating: 7.9/10 (Because of poor service)
In Reality: 7.5/10

I gave it a bit more because I love that vegetable soup base. Personally I think AYCE is no longer my preference because I get fat easily and hey, no money LOL.


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