To my knowledge, egg tarts is considered a staple of Chinese dim sum dishes. You could say it’s a dessert but technically it’s a snack that one eats in between meals. Most bakeries actually offer it throughout the day but you can also enjoy this food during dim sum. Egg tarts consist of a big round yellow semi-soft yolk in the middle, surrouded by a hard crust as the circumference. There are 2 types of crust, one that is flakey and the other that is hard and smooth (I prefer the latter). It is best eaten hot (not burning hot) and people in Hong Kong like to drink milk tea on the side.

While shopping around Kowloon Bay, my family and I wen to a place called Amoy Plaza. It’s a very small building but right outside there is a store called UNCLE FONG. I saw a small lineup but right away I knew they were selling egg tarts.


For $20HKD, you get a total of 4 egg tarts. That is roughly $3-4 USD, dependent on our shitty currency rates. You do need to purchase it first then wait in line with your number. I am warning you now but they make it HOT. I ate a small piece and placed my egg tart back down in its container. I swear…part of my tongue is sore because of the egg tart LOL. As a fellow Canadian I will confess, no place in Toronto can make something better than this. So next time you are in HK, be sure to visit UNCLE FONG.


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