I am typing this post from across the world, specifically Hong Kong. For the past 1+ month I have once again neglected to take care of my food blog. Since mid-September, I went on a family trip to Asia and I’m now resting. Tokyo has been a busy adventure and my feet were dying at the end of each day. Right now I can actually catch my breath so I decided to type something up before I fall asleep again. But wait, let me do some sit-ups LOLs.

Takashimaya Times Square 14F, 5-24-2, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0051

Tonkatsu is a deep-fried pork cutlet that is breaded on the surface. It is a Japanese food that is usually accompanied by rice and salad on the side. The sauce can be sweet in nature which surprises a lot of people who try it for their first time. These travel posts should be quite interesting for some of you as I also dive a little into the dining experiene as well as the Japanese culture.

The restaurant is situated on the 14th floor of Takashimaya. The quickest way to access this floor is by taking an elevator, don’t do the escalators lols. This mall is known for selling high-end products and even the people dining here dress quite well.

I don’t need to repeat myself for my next posts but the Japanese are experts in providing quality service. I only had one experience where I frowned at the service rep but otherwise, no complaints about my stay in Japan

English menus are available so take advantage of this! Most of the items come as combos, so each one has the cutlet itself, special salad, salad by the cutlet (refillable), rice (refillable), and miso soup (refillable). I recommend that you order one of the most expensive pork cutlets because the meat is softer and very juicy. These ones tend to be over 2000 yen ($20USD). You can ask the waiter and he/she will point to those ones as well.




When you first arrive at the table, you are served a special salad that has a variety of veggies. Please note that this one is not refillable. Afterwards, yu get a bowl of sesame seeds and a stick. You are actually supposed to crush those seeds then pour sauce (on the side) to mix it all together. I just want to admit that I had no idea what we were doing and had to ask the waitress. I was absolutely dumbfounded and felt horrible that my Japanese was not good enough.

I want to note that the tonkatsu here is amazing. The outer layer is extremely crispy and the meat itself is warm and tender. It’s really well made and I can’t stress enough that you can refill all the other stuff. I did it like 3 times for my miso soup. Where can you get AYCE miso soup except at a buffet? Tell me because I don’t know lols.

Recommedation: A must visit if you are going to Tokyo.


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