I get discouraged easily and whenever someone writes a negative comment on my blog, I convert to slush lols. Anyhow, as a blogger I better learn to suck it up. For those who have followed me since I started, you must have noticed that my writing style has changed quite a bit. I was probably an angry little girl and used profanity everywhere but it gradually decreased as the posts continued. In the past few weeks I was working consecutive weekends which totally exhausted me. I wasn’t too frustrated with it but I just used all my off days for fun lols. But I’ve noticed a dramatic reduction in stats so I’m back to fix that up.

Le Cafe Michi
(416) 490-9688
1802 Pharmacy Ave
Toronto, ON M1T 1H6

The restaurant is very tiny and can be found in a plaza. Parking was okay on a weeknight but I have no idea about weekends. I just want to warn you that reservations are a must!

Standard, lols. I’m getting lazy and don’t want to type. You don’t really need to ask them about the menu items because a photo book is present for those who are confused. I think this is a big bonus because I don’t want to google pictures every time I read from the menu. The cakes are displayed outside and instead of looking at the pictures, you can directly choose from the counter. Everyone is nice so I don’t have anything negative to say.

It’s not exactly cheap. The food is definitely good and I can see why they jacked up the prices…having said that I do think it can be a little lower. Most of the menu items can be upgraded to a combo where you get dessert (i.e. any of the cakes). I am telling you right now, GET THAT OPTION. Their cakes are amazing; in fact I would come back during tea time just to eat these desserts again.

Salad – Meh lol.  We could pass.

Hot pot – The udon was very smooth.

Chochin bento – All the bowls come stacked so when you reveal each layer, it’s like SURPRISE!  Lol.  The sashimi was the best part of this bento; super fresh!

Green tea cake – This is quite heavy but in a good way.  Green tea all the way!  Did I mention that there is red bean inside?  Ask yourself this question, where do you get red bean in a green tea cake?  Probably only in Asia.

Tofu Cheesecake – It works because you taste more cheese than tofu.  I hate it when a cheesecake becomes something else because the tofu overpowers it.  Extremely creamy and oh so delicious.

My rating: 8.3/10 (A little expensive)
It is worth: 8.5/10


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