I mentioned this before but I have started a new venture…reviewing snacks! This is actually the worst time to do it because I want to lose weight so I have asked my colleagues to help me out.

YummyGoodyBox (http://www.yummygoodybox.com/)
As a startup company, their mission is to “unearth new healthy snacks” and help bloggers like myself build an audience. Every month, bloggers can pay a small fee ($20 shipping fees included) to receive a box of goodies; this includes 5-8 items. Many of these treats come from Canada and are not readily available in big name groceries, as such we get to be the first ones to review the products.   I find the idea very innovative and was not hesitant to join at all.  If you are worried about the fees, rest assure that everything is handled via PayPal.  Local pick-ups cost less but that is if you live in Vancouver where the company is located.  Anyone can become a pioneer and really, you should sign up as soon as possible because YummyGoodyBox only has 100 spots allotted. Did I mention that prices go up after this number is reached?

I’m not the best at taking pictures. When I opened the box, I’m like okay…*RIPPPPPPP* lols. My dad actually drew all over the box before I even got to open it, *fail*. Anyhow, I’ve uploaded some of my favourite treats in the box.  I’ve never felt happier to be opening a box of goodies, it’s like Christmas but in the summer =p


Three Farms Chick Peas – BBQ Flavour
This is easily my favourite snack from the box.  The chick peas are very crunchy and carries a super strong BBQ flavour.  At the end of your bite, you might be thirsty so be sure to have some water on the side.  My colleagues really enjoyed this snack.  It does well as a standalone snack or toppings for a salad!


Hardbite Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips – Wild Onion & Yogurt Flavour
I LOVE CHIPS.  It is my favourite snack which is not a good thing.  It is again crunchy (you see the pattern now?  lol) but the taste is AWESOME!  I don’t think I tasted any yogurt flavours here but the faint onion smell totally pulled me in.  You will be licking your fingers at the end of this!


PRANA – Machu Pichu
One of my colleagues really liked this one because it has a bunch of different nuts; they vary in size and I swear some of them seemed foreign to me.  I think the variety is what makes this bag special and they would go well in oatmeal or yogurt.  I am not a big nut fan but no harm trying =)

The box also came with chocolate bar, energy/granola bars, and a tea bag.

If you are interested to learn more, http://www.yummygoodybox.com/


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