I have taken a week off work due to my family’s recent loss. For those of you who have been following my blog you would remember my recent post about my grandmother. I regret to inform all of you that she officially passed away last week. Some of my co-workers actually ordered flowers for me and my family…I’m telling you, they are angels! Anyhow 2015 has been a tough year and I hope that the sun will shine soon lols.

Milky Lane
9631 Yonge Street – Unit 2
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 0M5
(905) 508-5263

Milky Lane is located in a plaza and customers can park in any of the parking lots adjacent to the restaurant. If you want to be exact, parking at Shoppers Drug Mart is further lols however you can still climb over the grass to Milky Lane. The building has a red rooftop and is beside the T&T Supermarket entrance.



I’m pretty biased in this review (for once lols) because the service was phenomenal. How often do I land myself in a restaurant where the service is better than the food? Rarely. Honestly. The place was super short-staffed and (I’m guessing) the owner was serving everyone by himself (i.e. cooking too?). Anyhow he was very personable and cracked a few jokes while interacting with all the customers. The place doesn’t look too cheerful, almost a little dim but I felt comfortable. The food is average at best and the sauces that come with the sweet crepes were a little frozen lols. My suggestion is that you wait a bit before squeezing out the stuff on your crepes. It’s like finding a gem in a treasure box when service is this genuine and sincere, so my rating for this place is a little exaggerated. I actually prefer the savoury crepes because it had more of a kick (or spiciness to it). Overall the restaurant isn’t bad, but the crepes were nothing special compared to other dessert places.

My rating: 8/10 (Mainly due to service)
Others would rate it as: 7.4/10

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