Summerlicious has hit Toronto and what better way to celebrate it than to actually try it out yourself?

Copacabana Grilled Brazilian
150 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto

It was my first time at Copacabana and I’m so happy that the menu stayed the same (at least from what I know). The only difference is price and who would not appreciate a $10 reduction in their AYCE menu? Total came up to $35 per person (not including tips and taxes). The restaurant was completely booked for a Sunday evening (which is a good thing) but luckily we were able to sneak in a 7:30pm reservation. Parking is honestly a headache so save yourself the trouble and come at least 20 minutes earlier. Yes, it will be paid parking but many parking lots around the area. From what I’ve heard the restaurant has changed a bit (or maybe it’s just for summerlicious), where staff comes around with different types of meat and giving everyone a small portion. In the mean time, you may choose to fill your plate with food from the salad/pasta bar. I’m not going to lie, I got full within 30 minutes. This is literally AYCE meat and for anyone who can last 2 hours, you have definitely eaten your money’s worth. The pasta/salad bar was mediocre at best, while nothing was horrible, the salads did not present anything special. I remember the cheese bread because it looked so unique but too much for my stomach (I was getting super full). The meat is really the selling point for the restaurant and some of those steaks were YUMMY. My only complaint is that some of the meats were really salty, especially the chicken. You will never hear a complaint from me about any of their meat being bland because they were heavily seasoned. We also ordered the fried banana as dessert and damn, I wanted more. They also serve a special pineapple that is not sour at all, quite sweet because of the cinnamon topping.  I just want to mention that when someone comes to your table with meat, hold up your little utensil to catch the bits falling off.  I made the mistake of just watching in awe and the guy kept pointing to my tongs…I’m thinking, yeah okay you do it LOL.

wpid-20150712_194509.jpg wpid-20150712_194829.jpg wpid-20150712_195627.jpg  wpid-20150712_201737.jpg wpid-20150712_203551.jpg wpid-20150712_204409.jpg

Service was so bad I almost cried. Waitress came over to ask if we were going to order drinks so I said give us a little bit of time. She never came back to check on us so I’m like screw it, I don’t need any alcohol tonight. She was honestly nowhere to be seen and we got so tired of waiting that we were piling plates so that our table would be clear. Eventually she did show up to do her job. Our waitress was very nice but I wonder if she was overworked because she was never around. The atmosphere of the place was amazing, with a live band behind us it was definitely a place for celebrations. It was unfortunate that they sat us right near the band because we couldn’t hear each other beside the bass lols. Anyways, that’s not their fault – more of a seating issue. Well into the night people were still lining up outside for tables so this restaurant is quite popular!

wpid-20150712_194221.jpg  wpid-20150712_195657.jpg

My rating: 8/10
Others would rate it as: 8.5/10

I totally recommend to try it but maybe on a less busy night.


3 thoughts on “[Summerlicious] Copa Cabana @ Eglinton

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