How long has it been ladies and gentlemen? Welcome to a fun-packed post from your favourite writer, moochi2000. It has been nearly 3 months since I wrote a review but you must have noticed my instagram posts so it’s all good. In fact I’m showing my face more because really what the heck. More exposure, more chances for me to meet a good guy lols. Taste of Toronto was widely advertised in the past 2 weeks and I got my tickets through Groupon at a discounted price. Located in Fort York, Taste of Toronto brings together a food tasting experience hosted by restaurants around the GTA. You are not here to taste up-and-coming restaurants, because the booths are set up by widely known food shops that boast quality dishes in Toronto.

Fort York is not exactly the core of downtown Toronto so most people would have driven to this location. Please look on google maps before planning your trip because parking spaces can be scarce.

Tickets and Crowns:
General admission price ranges between $19-25 per ticket (depends on the day). This only includes your ticket to admission but if you want to order food from the vendors you must purchase a card and load money on it. The money system works like this: $1 = 1 crown. When you go up to a vendor to order their food, it will indicate how many crowns each dish will cost. In the venue there are 2 locations where you can load up your Crown Card but anything that is left over can be refunded online for a fee of $3.50.

A lot of people may think that $19 is a bit hefty for an admission price but you do get lots of free samples at this event. We were there the whole time and all of us complained about being too full. Anyhow, I didn’t have to pay the full $19 because I went through Groupon and I’m not saying $19 is totally justifiable but it’s not ridiculous. I have read in some online reviews where people complained about it. You know what? Go once, then don’t go again lols.

I feel that this is one of the better food events that I have attended. Let me list the reasons –
1. Each booth has its own decoration/theme that tailors to the restaurant’s cuisine. It’s very unique and allows every booth to differentiate their cuisine from those around them.
2. The kitchens seem to be working lols. I love how vendors are fully staffed: they have cooks, cashier, servers, it is clear that this was well planned ahead of time.
3. Lots of space. This is no asian food event, there are tables everywhere for you to lean on (probably could do with more chairs) but finally, I can breathe Canadian air lols.
4. Many events. You can actually learn to cook or even do wine tasting. The only downfall is that everything comes with a wait time (aka line ups). I couldn’t bother with waiting but I still enjoyed my time.
5. FREE SAMPLES. Not technically free but you know what I mean. We went to some booths so many times, they even remembered us lols.

Most dishes cost 6 crowns and up. The best deal was probably the ice cream/Popsicle stick which was only 2 crowns. I loaded my card with $30 and found myself quite full, but that is without wine. This is a very good event for couples, friends, and even family members. I went as a group of 4 and had tons of fun. But please remember that you have to pee in portable washrooms lols.

wpid-20150703_195243.jpg wpid-20150703_204552.jpg nescafe

Left photo: Crispy black vinegar chicken (Bosk), this was a winner in this year’s event
Middle photo: Lamb ribs (The Drake)

wpid-20150703_212825.jpg 11038082_10155768285345008_1867734036095738514_n 11238269_10155768286715008_3575319068544653156_n

I am very impressed that they printed the booklets in colour.  Costs a lot!

10409364_10155768285880008_2200299607844300250_n 10412020_10155768286150008_8716327826832595931_n

Oysters (Richmond Station) – I just want to say that the oysters ARE HUGE.  I am so sorry that I don’t have something by its side for comparison but hands down, one of the best oysters to be served at a food event!  They were very fresh and rarely did we find rocks/sand, obviously there will be some minor bits here and there.

11390059_10155768285575008_4544122167751407450_n 11403133_10155768285710008_1704650105724437963_n

My friends look better with shades on.  I look like a dork lols.

11659387_10155768287050008_5699056078806641140_n 11666301_10155768285510008_5276969955204537368_n 11692537_10155768286815008_8951013657617910687_n 11694030_10155768286760008_5871872834441247634_n

Left photo: Fried chicken.  I really love the skin, the meat was tender and easy to chew but I didn’t think the taste was anything amazing.  By the way you get a free drink with this purchase so it was worth it.


4 thoughts on “[Event] Taste of Toronto 2015

    • Yeah, food events everywhere! I think yesterday there were multiple things going on, could NOT find a parking spot lols. The event usually runs for a few days.

      • Yesterday I was at Thrill of the Grill in the east end – great event – $20 for 7 samples of ribs + 2 corn + 2 drink samples! Never heard of it before but turns out to have been one of the better food events I’ve been to lately.

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