Sometimes life follows a series of unfortunate events. Sometimes life is not all rainbows and unicorn. Over the past few months I’ve gone through what has been the toughest part of my adult life. As most of you know from my deleted post, my boyfriend and I broke up recently. As of yesterday, my grandmother is in critical conditions and unfortunately will not make it past this year. I have taken a few days off work to take care of my parents and reflect on what has happened in the year of 2015. I have been most fortunate to have so many friends who are caring and available whenever I need them. This is something positive that has grown out of all these negative events. I haven’t forgotten you readers and it was the notification that I received today that made me initiate this post. In 90% of my posts I probably mentioned my ex-boyfriend because he was always there during these meals but he is no longer around. At this difficult phase in my life I need to get back up and become someone who I can love. I have also started a new venture in reviewing snacks so that is something coming up this week!

I want to thank all the readers who have left very loving messages for this blog. And of course you see that I’m posting more on instagram because I deactivated my personal Facebook lols. I plan on becoming a better person and focusing more on myself before entering a new relationship. I hope to present a new face to all the readers in the second half of 2015.



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