First of all I want to give a big thanks to Zomato for offering a complimentary coupon at Murgatroid. It was unfortunate that I had to do take-out because the dine-in experience would have been very different.

(416) 323-9381
568 Parliament St Toronto, ON M4X1P8

wpid-20150406_124105.jpg wpid-20150406_123703.jpg wpid-20150406_123627.jpg

I don’t work in Cabbagetown so getting there was a journey in itself. I’m glad that Murgatroid offers an online ordering system and it does a good job of predicting when the food would be ready by. The only downfall is that dine-in options offer more of a variety whereas the take-out menu is limited. Someone called me after my order to alert me that taxes will have to be paid out in cash and luckily I had some change on me even though I was already on my way. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the staff and he clarified the orders with me because they didn’t get a confirmation email on their end. Just a minor issue. The restaurant offers a homey feeling and is stocked with some board games on the side (hopefully guests can play those too). I’ll talk about the food later but I hope they can do delivery in the future!


I find it interesting that Murgatroid’s specialty is in making everything from scratch; it is not that common in Toronto. You can take a look at their website and read how they primarily use local produce and other things. Unless I’m clueless, I would love to know other restaurants that do what Murgatroid does as well. I have to say that my favourite thing out of the take-out order is the squash soap. Simple yet tasty. The cookies and cinnamon rolls were okay for their prices but I’ve had better. The Murgatroid sandwich was a little cold by the time I got back to my office but it still tasted pretty fresh. The crispy chicken skin was a pleasant surprise and I would never have guessed what it was until my friends read the site’s description.

I’m looking forward to trying this place again for brunch and hopefully I can give a better critique about the rest of their food.

Worth the price? Yes
Will I come back? Yes
Changes I want? Delivery options

Murgatroid on Urbanspoon


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