I have reflected on my writing style and will be taking online English lessons soon. It seems like my use of commas is totally off. I sought for some answers from Google and will be taking some time to read the “how to’s” for this particular grammar lesson. I’m pretty sure that many others like myself question the use of our commas.

Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine
(905) 731-3718
Unit 4-6 – 160 E Beaver Creek Rd Richmond Hill, ON L4B3J6

wpid-20150321_141753.jpg wpid-20150321_142403.jpg

wpid-20150402_133209.jpg  wpid-20150402_133207.jpg

I always complain about how parking is a nuisance in Asian malls but this place takes that shit to a new level. Every spots outside the restaurant is reserved or taken so everyone is forced to park near the back. Obviously you can kiss that door goodbye on a weekend because you will be parking somewhere far like Destiny’s lols. This restaurant is not exactly cheap and that’s because their dishes are actually good. Let me clarify, most dim sum places are okay but Dragon Boat consistently pumps out high quality dishes. You will know because they don’t cheap out on the meat portions and food tastes fresh. I did forget to mention that they are ridiculously busy on weekends EVEN if you make a reservation (e.g. wait another 30 minutes on a Saturday after 12pm). I went again with my family on a weekday and the place is still quite full though waiting is not required. Dishes are at a set price when you order before 11am and I think it’s slightly less than $3 each (regardless of size).


By the way dim sum dishes are usually categorized by their sizes (S, M, L, XL) and obviously the prices match their portions. Some people also like to order entrees because they don’t cost that much $6-12 (?) and are suitable for large groups. I would recommend that everyone visit the main website to look at their food pictures. I was definitely impressed because most Chinese restaurants do not even have a regular working website lols. Please note that the service kind of sucks here, so this means you aren’t going to get smiles from everyone who serves you.






I’m also changing the rating system a little.

Worth the price? Yes
Will I come back?  Yes
What changes do I want?  Better service

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