I think most of you in Toronto have heard of the cheesecake craze from a shop called Uncle Tetsu. This place makes cheesecake like no others and is boasting of amazing sales. Let me tell you about my painful experience lols.

Uncle Tetsu Japanese Cheesecake
(647) 941-1806
598 Bay St Toronto, ON M5G1C3

To begin, I’m just crazy and love lining up. No of course not, who wants to wait for hours in the rain to eat a cake. Anyhow, you are expecting at least an hour wait if you want this damn cheesecake (and really it’s longer). Uncle Tetsu only has 3 ovens running so the production numbers are quite low. I have heard rumours that the staff will even throw away cheesecakes that aren’t “good quality” but who knows? I’m giving you lots of warning right now but BRING CASH and be aware that it is ONE CHEESECAKE PER PERSON. Exceptions will be made in special circumstances, there was one lady who was lining up while a family member was looking after her baby. They came frequently to check the line but the baby could not withstand the cold temperature so they went in and out. The restaurant did make an exception to give out 2 cheesecakes, given that the family member was always present. Not sure if everyone in line hated that lady but I saw the whole thing happened. One positive – after waiting for hours you will actually make friends just like myself lols.



The cheesecake is like $8 + tax but it will feed more than one person. It is not your average cheesecake and is more like sponge cake. It is quite light and my colleagues complained that they tasted more egg than cheese. The madeleines that are made look more like muffins lols. They honestly taste like Hong Kong muffins except with more flavour (and I love the crunchy top). I really do like Uncle Tetsu but please do yourself a favour and don’t line up for hours. I said I like their stuff but I didn’t say the food is AMAZING. Let me put it this way, I’ve had better cheesecake in Japan lols.

Uncle Tetsu Japanese Cheesecake on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “[Review] Uncle Tetsu

  1. Uncle Tetsu “cheesecake” is an obvious marketing ploy to make us western consumer sheep think that just because we will wait in line for one of their mediocre “cheesecakes” that the quality of their product is somehow superior.
    Is this the Soviet Union? Are we waiting for sausages and heels of dark bread? No…The only way I would wait in line for a cheesecake is if is made with 12 year old scotch. Uncle Tetsu?? You are NOT all that.

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