Yes I have kept my promise and this is my second review.  After this I’ll be going over to Goodlife and doing a class.  Yesterday my doctor said I gained weight and deemed me fat.  WTF. Is this why my boyfriend and I are having problems?

Ramen Raijin
(647) 748-1500
3 Gerrard St East Toronto, ON M5B2P3

I am getting worse at reviewing ramen places because they are literally ALL the same. Raijin has the same owner as Kintaro Ramen and Motomachi Shokudo, which are super popular restaurants in Vancouver. As you might have read, Raijin is not one of the best Ramen places in Toronto and is often overlooked. I had shitty expectations for this place but because it’s close to Eatons Centre I thought I would give it a try. The service here is okay except they don’t know their products that well. When we asked about the different portions and sizes, the waitress did not bring out any sample bowls she simply told us the weight. Not helpful at all. I asked her about the different soup bases and all she said was “one is saltier than the other”. I was hoping she could elaborate and not give me one word answers. Anyhow the place was packed even during lunch time on a weeknight and I suspect that most customers are from Ryerson University.


To my surprise, the service was fast (other users did not agree). The soup is hot and I was amazed that the broth actually had some taste. My friend ordered the tsukemen and wow, it wasn’t bad. When compared to Ryus Noodle Bar, this place obviously is a winner. The noodles for the tsukemen are smooth and easy to slurp. The broth itself is not TOO salty and and actually had more flavour than expected. Overall it was good but not amazing. Would I come again? Probably. My standards are still the same, nothing beats Sansotei.


My rating: 7.9/10
Other would rate it as: 8.0/10

Ramen Raijin on Urbanspoon


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