As you know I have been missing the last 2 weeks. I was working 7 days straight the past week (Mon-Sun) and finally get to take a breather. Life has its stresses and I’m not sure if I’ve gotten worse or better. My biggest fear is making mistakes and not being perfect, which of course is not realistic. I have talked to my friends about my anxiety levels too and we are all kinda unhappy. However, this doesn’t mean I stopped eating. So here goes…reviews are gonna roll nonstop! I better stop lying lols.

Dragon Pearl
(647) 352-2288
865 York Mills Rd Toronto, ON M3B1Y6

I was hoping to change the format of my reviews by writing them like an “experience” and not a critique. Let’s make this a little more fun.

wpid-wp-1426623835805.jpeg wpid-wp-1426623831355.jpeg wpid-wp-1426623826451.jpeg  wpid-wp-1426623818586.jpeg wpid-wp-1426623815006.jpeg wpid-wp-1426623811004.jpeg

I really wanted to try this place because everyone has gone and that gigantic ball is all I can think about. In reality it is a sesame ball and it’s not free lols. From what I read online, you pay an additional $10 to taste it – is someone digging for more money? Most Asian AYCE restaurants are filled with Chinese people but this place boasts some superb decor that attracts all the races. I was surprised to see so few Chinese people, except for maybe the staff haha. Anyhow, the place really brings you back to Ancient Chinese times but damn these chairs were not comfy. I mean the seating is soft but I felt like falling off whenever I moved too much.

wpid-wp-1426623821956.jpeg wpid-wp-1426623840759.jpeg

Food is average but a few things really stood out. I recommend: peking duck, roast beef, sushi, sashimi, chicken wing, and veggies. I have been to many buffets and I think Dragon Pearl does a good job of making all their dishes consistent. I don’t agree on the pricing but every restaurant has inflated their prices nowadays. You are paying $25.99 per adult on a weekday and that means no lobster too. The soup is actually not too bad but I felt that it had lots of MSG. One thing that stood out was the service. I love it when people refill my water without asking, that is actually a requirement when I look for boyfriends (I know, I’m crazy). I think the only warning you need is that their kitchen closes at 9:30pm. These asians work so fast, they are mopping the floors at 9:31pm. We came shortly after 8pm so we had a solid 1.5h to enjoy our food, though my parents complained it was rush. A tiny observation is that the soup bowls are big and since I can’t carry shit, this is a big bonus. For once, I don’t need to worry about dropping my bowl while walking.

My rating: 7.8/10
Others would rate it as: 8.1/10

Dragon Pearl on Urbanspoon


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