People like to say that “things happen for a reason” especially when it’s bad shit. Tomorrow is my birthday and my world collapsed today. For some people it’s not a big deal but for me it was just fucking shit. I bought my phone just 2 months ago and I had to pay the full price. LG G3. If you know phones you must know how much it costed me. Anyhow today I dropped the damn phone. My first reaction wasn’t anger it was in fact despair. I had no words. Nothing came out of my mouth until some time later where I just got so mad. So fucking mad. Bad luck.

I have been saving a lot of money for this baby. My S3 has been super slow lately and I thought it was time to get a new phone. When I finally got my hands on my love, it was magical. So I tried calling my boyfriend cause I just needed someone to calm me down. No fucking pick up. I’m starting to panic at this point and bombarded him with calls. Still no answer. My parents drove me to Pacific Mall, said we should just skip the fancy dinner so we can get this fixed. I said no, because no matter what price they gave me I was not ready to make a decision today. Rogers had already told us it would cost a leg and arm to get it fixed. I needed time to calm down and ask my friends about legit places for cell phone repairs. Fast forward an hour and we are at Pacific Mall. I’m frantically asking stores what their prices were and it goes anywhere between $120-170. There are times where I wish to be prettier so I can get better prices. Luckily I found a friend and he gave me some advice. Anyhow, whatever, not doing it today. We rushed to the buffet but it was going to close soon, like fuck me. We went to another restaurant that I wanted to try and it closed even earlier. In the end we went to Asian Legend and it just tasted bad. The waiter spilled stuff on my boots and didn’t even notice. Like really.

I got pretty angry at my boyfriend. I had called him on 2 separate occasions and he never picked up. His cellphone was on silent initially and the second time he was eating with family. I honestly wanted to punch someone because it was an insanely bad day. Of all the fucking days that 2015 can screw me over, they chose the day before my birthday. Thank you for not choosing the day of. Really. For the whole night I just had unhappy thoughts and they ruminated over and over again.

Earlier today I bought a nice dress from Banana Republic for tomorrow. My mom suggested that I return that dress so I could pay for the repairs. Fuck that shit. Can a girl not buy herself a birthday present. The more I write, the angrier I get. First world problems?

I usually fill this blog with happy thoughts and somewhat professional reviews. Well today, let’s throw that away because you are talking to someone who is ready to go crazy. There is an awesome game called Dynasty Warriors where you just fight and fight. I need that shit now.

Tomorrow is my birthday.


2 thoughts on “The day before

  1. Chin up, Buttercup! It’s all perspective and feel thankful for all that you do have: a phone that can be dropped, money that you can save, clothes that you can return, a boyfriend to get angry at, parents who will give you silly advice, a fancy meal you can postpone and above all, your health because judging from the amount of reviews you’ve done, your appetite is that of a healthy person! At least you have a warm house, and family and friends to actually celebrate your birthday with you tomorrow. Think of the people who do have their world collapse on a daily basis and continually worry where they will be the next day: the homeless, the poor, single mums and dads, new immigrants who come to the country alone, terminally ill patients, migrant workers, foster kids, and well…you get the picture. So get that phone fixed, smile with your loved ones and have a lovely birthday tomorrow!

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